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This template is intended to be used to record a word that is hyphenated between two pages; the end of the word should be recorded with {{hyphenated word end}}.

The template displays param 1 (1st word-fragment) followed by a hyphen (-) in the "Page" namespace, and nothing in the "main" namespace. Param 2 (the full-word) is used as the title-attribute for the text; i.e. the tooltip. The word transcluded into "main" namespace is from param 2 of {{hyphenated word end}}. Always use balanced pairs of start and end templates.

NB: the space character immediately before the noinclude is important; it gives styling, such as italics or bold that shrink-wraps a template usage something to wrap in the "main" namespace when the contents of this template evaporates. An italic or bold space evaporates cleanly; italic or bold nullstrings do not. This is only an issue with single words being styled.